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The Marquee of them,  our 5 DAY DETOX. What's understood does not need to be explained but in this case, it does. Featuring 4 of our exclusive miami nights, which is a tropical fusion delight filled with bold flavors that's sure to keep the party going. No punches were held when creating this 5-day detox. Offering enough flavor to survive the storm, this cleanse is sure to get you over the hump. Perfect for weight loss, mental clarity, or tightening up your figure.                

benefits: digestion, weight loss, multivitamins, removes toxins, anti-inflammatory, energy boost, mental focus, repair immune system, clarity 

(6) 16oz detox  

(6) 16oz watermelon 

(6) 16oz miami nights

(6) 16oz immunizer [Secret Menu]

(6) 16oz  energizer [Secret Menu]