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Unlike the DAY TOX, this 3 DAY DETOX is set to transform your body throughout a  3 day process making you feel strong and reinvigorated. Full of enzymes, "watermelon" will help guide you in providing energy while repairing any ailments with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant bodies. The "detox" juice will oversee all throughout the entire process ensuring that your body is rid of any toxins and the proper nutrients and multivitamins are restored. This package is also the introduction of our Signature drink "miami nights" as it says hello to your body and takes you on a ride. This selection is great if you want to recover or nurse your body back to health!                                        

benefits: helps with digestion, multivitamins, removes toxins, anti-inflammatory, and boosts energy, repair immune system, clarity and vitality

 (6) 16oz detox  

(6) 16oz watermelon 

 (6) 16oz miami nights [Exclusive}